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Ms yummy got stood up by her boyfriend and this night she was a little embarrassed and upset she thought maybe her boyfriend soon to be Ex would be out right now cheating with someone one else, she thought it would be nice to does exactly  what he was doing. Yummy wanted to feel just as good as he, she also wanted some good dick and bubble gum, when she meets hannible that night all she wants is sex, they get to know each other and finally see each others best assets watch yummy concur the beast as your dick gets hard imagine yummy how wet she feels imagine your load inside her vagina, lets cum together.


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So Nina called me up and her besty Maggie later came over too, we sipped wine and talked about our dead beat husbands, we ended up in her closet trying on sexy clothes one thing led to another we were looking at titty s and ass I couldn’t believe I was making sex with the girls I love with the women in my life we were going to cum hard so hard that we had to taste the sweet juices of my friends and please each others pussy until the last cum drop.


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This day was very important to me me and Angie were supposed to match for our photo shoot we decided on Fishnets, I mean these outfits complemented us both, we started out as friends but at the end of the shoot we became lovers, the way Angie felt to me the way we both touched each other and made ourselves want to F&*k, we want your dick hard as you watch us please each other it gets tense, how Angie fucks Ms yummy and I want your dick hard when you see how much dick she can take it makes cum drip from your dick.


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Its starts out with a little self pleasure Yummy is known for making herself cum hard and good, but this time she takes it slow she pleases herself slow and hard, she wants you to look at her Breast and get your dick hard as rocks and when you see yummy play with her pussy its with passion, passion and nut will be the highlight of the night taste her sweet juices or imagine that you taste her when shes done.